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Roof Cleaning

Jim’s Roofing Services provides an efficient roof cleaning service to clients throughout Co. Clare, removing all moss, algae and lichens and restoring the façade of the roof to its proper condition. In addition, we can carry out a conditioning check on your roof and replace any damaged tiles, if required.

For the best results, we recommend scheduling an annual roof cleaning service, as the build-up of moss and algae can lead to long term damage and can affect your guttering system.

Jim’s Roofing Services can wash down your roof and restore faded roof tiles by applying a paint to your tiles, with multiple choices on colour available.

Moss & Algae Removal

Using our power wash system, we are able to effectively remove all manner of moss, algae and lichens from your roof. It is important to prevent the build-up of moss and algae as, over time, it can lead to long term damage which will result in you having to spend more on having your roof repaired and maintained.

Roof Sealing

In addition to our roof cleaning services, we can also apply a high-quality sealant to protect your roof from adverse weather conditions and help to prevent the re-growth of moss and algae. For more information on our roof cleaning, roof maintenance and roof sealing services, please get in contact with us.

All of our roofers are trained to the highest standard and hold safe passes, skills cards and manual handling certificates. We are fully insured and are C2 registered. All our projects are supervised personally by our experienced foremen.